Example of a L2B Lay to Back Strategy using a few of Bet Angel's Unique Trading Tools

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With Bet Angel containing a number of unique tools and features designed to help give you the best chances of profiting from a market it can be difficult for newer traders and even experienced traders that are new to Bet Angel to fully grasp the concept and understand how they can help in a practical way

So this example is just to show new Bet Angel users how a few of these tools can be used together to enable you to place trades and deploy strategies not possible with ANY other software.

Lay to Back Scenario
For this scenario I’m looking to deploy an in-running lay to back strategy (L2B) to grab a few ticks and green up during the first half of a jumps race
First thing I’m looking at is the Real Time tracking map and a group of midfield runners where there are some clear leaders, ideally two or more but as long as there is at least one, as you can see in the image below I’ve now identified this


Next I need to single out one or more of these to try and L2B, but I don't just want to lay one at random, I only want the trade to be placed if it meets my criteria, for this all the following MUST be true

1) The pre-off fav must be ahead of the selection I’ve chosen to lay
2) My selections average speed over the last 5secs must be slower than the pre-off fav
3) It’s lay price must be below odds of 10
4) Its stride frequency must be shorter than the pre-off fav

As you can see all that information is visible to me in the custom columns of the one-click grid above, but after memorizing what number the pre-off fav was trying to continually check the various pieces of TPD data I’m looking for, plus keep an eye on the actual lay price before being manually quick enough to place the bet is just impossible for a human to do.

This is where Bet Angel's first unique tool comes in which is a 'Servant'. I can create a rule to lay a selected runner then green up a 3 ticks profit and add all those conditions to the rule and give it to a Servant to run. It will then monitor every refresh of the market and place the bet when/if those conditions are all satisfied during the same refresh

The only thing I need to decide is which runner or runners the Servant should be watching and be able to trigger on, and for I don’t even need to pick a number from the map then find it on the one-click screen, instead I can just point my cursor at the runner on the map (another unique feature of Bet Angel) and click on it while pressing an assigned key to start a particular servant on that runner/s

As you can see in the next image the race is about 35% complete and I’m hovering the cursor over runner 5 and about to click it to start the Servant, the last thing I’m now going to do is just take a quick glance at the TV pics, although these are a few seconds behind the real-time map I want to visually see how the horse seems to be running


Its now down to the Servant to watch the data and numbers every refresh and to place the bet as soon as all my conditions above are satisfied, I’m now paying more attention to the TV pics for signs any in front start pulling or jumping badly or that my horse appears to be travelling better than those around it, if that happens I can abort the Servant immediately.

Fast forward just under 30secs and the Servant has actually placed not just one L2B bet and greened up but two netting a quick 6 ticks profit, and neither of the trades were in the market anymore than 2-3secs which is exactly what you want with a in-running strategy like this


Finding your Edge
As I said at the start of the post this is just one scenario and way of using some of Bet Angels unique trading tools to give yourself some advantages over others in the market, its always going to be down to each individual to find their own edge and strategy to profit long term but hopefully now you've seen how some of the tools can be used it will at least ignite some of your own ideas.
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