Show Tennis Scores on the One-Click Screen in a Custom Column

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For those who trade the Tennis markets using the one-click screen, this thread will show you how to display the Tennis scores and server information using a combination of custom columns and stored values from an automation file.

It's also handy if you’re only using the watchlist or the Tennis Trader tool for the live scores or have limited screen space to display either of these.

To start with you will need to create four custom columns to display the Set, Game and Points score and server information.

Rather than explain how to create custom columns for the one-click screen again here if you have never created one before or are unsure how to do so please see this thread ... 47&t=11365

Or if you know how to create custom columns but not yet used them to display ‘stored values’ then see this thread which details step-by-step how to create them to show 'Stored Values'. ... 61&t=16350

When creating your four custom columns to work with the automation file the ‘stored value names’ for ‘the selection’ area you need to use are

So, your first custom column will look like the image below, then after saving it the next custom column you create you would change the stored value name ‘points’ for a stored value name ‘games’

Custom Column.JPG

Once you have created them the automation file that will retrieve the Tennis scores and Server information is called ‘Tennis Scores on One-Click screen.bap’ and can be downloaded from the bottom of this post. To use it just add your tennis markets to Guardian and apply the file to the markets just as you would any regular automation file.

As long as the market/s are in guardian with the file applied as soon as you open a market to the one-click screen all the scores and server info will be shown and because they are being managed by guardian in the background it means you can switch between markets (even to non tennis markets) and when you switch back the scores shown will still be up to date.

It should now look as it does in the image below, I’ve left the watch list there just for illustration purposes but it’s not required for the columns you have created to work.


One final note, if a players score is 'Adv' then letters cannot be displayed as a stored value, I have therefore used the value of '99' to denote when a player is at 'Adv'
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