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Creating and Adding an Alert

Once you are familiar with creating and using a watch list adding an alert for ANYTHING is very straight forward as you’ll see from the steps below.
For this example, I’ll show the steps required to set up a steamer or drifter alert as in the earlier image.

All alerts are created using the automation rules editor, this lets you take full advantage of all the conditions available to automation rules.
First make sure you have added some markets to guardian and select anyone, this will enable the ‘create new rules file’ link on the main ribbon of Guardian.

Guardian Auto Ribbon.JPG

You will then see the ‘Rules Editor’ window appear, as I go through creating this alert feel free to use your own timings or conditions etc.

On the General tab for the rule type I have selected ‘Alert (Play Sound Alert / Show Message) and armed it to be active from 59mins to 30secs before the start time.
I’ve also set the rule to trigger on ANY selection up to 5 times (I doubt more than 5 runners will steam during the last hour of a race).


Now onto the Parameters tab, this is where all the alert details are configured.

Ticking the top box will allow you to browse for a .WAV sound file from your PC which will then play each time the alert goes off – feel free to add one of these if you wish, for this example I’ll leave it blank.
The second box will also be left blank, this enables another type of alert which ill detail in another thread

The area I’m most interested in is the Watch list Alert area in the bottom half of the window.

Here I can start by inputting the text the alert is to display, this can be any text or value you want to be shown when the alert goes off
Next, I’m able to select if the alert is to appear next to the selection, market header etc and what colour text and background it will be – as its an alert for a steamer I have chosen a light blue background.

You’ll notice I’ve then ticked the two boxes to ‘auto scroll watch list to show alert’ and ‘auto restore minimized watch list - every alert I have created always has both of these ticked, that way I know I’ll never miss an alert.

Finally, I’ve set how I want the alert to appear and whether it’s to stay visible


That’s the alert set up now we just need to tell is what Conditions it’s to trigger under. For this alert I have 2 conditions, the first is obviously that a runner’s price has shortened so for this I’ve used an ‘Historical Relative Odds Condition’ and configured it as below, basically saying if any runner is now 10 or more ticks less than it was 2mins ago then this condition is satisfied.
I’ve also added a ‘fixed odds condition’ to specify the runner’s price must be less than 20.0


So, for my alert to go off it needs to be between 59mins and 30 seconds from the start of the race and a runner must steam 10 or more ticks in 2minutes and be less than 20.0 – if all that happens bingo! The alert will go off.

Last thing to do is click ‘Apply’ then the disc+ icon to save it and give it a name.
If you want to add further alerts to this file, then just click the green plus icon and repeat those steps above entering your new alert details and conditions.

Editor Header.JPG

Or to create a similar rule ie, a drifter alert click the icon with two green arrows to duplicate the whole rule, all we need do then is go onto the parameters tab and change the alert text to ‘drifter’ or whatever you want to use and set the background colour. On the conditions tab it just needs the ‘Historical relative odds condition’ editing so it looks for a price more than 10 ticks higher than it was 2 mins ago.
After doing that click ‘apply’ then the disc icon (not the disc+ icon) to re-save the file.

It is now ready to use and apply to the markets.

Using your Alert rules

After loading the days racing markets into guardian, select the rules file you want to use and click ‘apply to all market’ or select just the ones you do want to add it to.

Applied Rules.JPG

Finally, click on the watch list tab and ensure you have added the markets to a watchlist, if your rule is applied to all markets then the easiest way is to just sync the watch list with the markets in guardian – then click display watch list.
When your watchlist window appears if you can't see an alert column you will need to enable it by clicking the 'Display' tab above the Watchlist and ticking it.

Display Watch List.JPG

You can now close down Guardian and if you want to minimize the Watch list to your taskbar and go about the rest of your trading, if a runner does now drift or steam in any of the races you won’t miss it, as soon as it does your watch list will automatically maximize and auto scroll to the selection and flash the direction of the move next to it.

To then open a market from the Watch list simply click the ladder icon or the small ‘B’ (bet angel) icon next to the market you want to open.

Full Screen WL Alert.jpg
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