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Creating and Loading a Coupon

When creating a coupon its possible to do it one of two ways.
The first is to create what I'd call a 'stand-alone' coupon - this is where you configure it the way you want then once saved to use it you would first add the markets you require into guardian in one of the regular ways ie, by using the racing tab (formally called quick picks), the soccer tab or by using a separate market filter etc.
Then once your markets are in Guardian and have been added to a watchlist you can add those markets to your coupon using the ‘Coupon’ tab at the top of the Watch List.

Coupon Tab.JPG

However, the ‘Coupon Editor’ also has its own ‘Market Filter’ included, this allows you to create a coupon using specific filter/s to search for and add the markets you want directly into that coupon.
Then each day when you open Guardian you can select the coupon you require click ‘Add and Apply’, and Bet Angel will then find and add the markets which fit your filter criteria into guardian and your coupon - so you'll have all the markets you want display in a coupon ready for you to begin trading them just 2 clicks after opening Guardian.

Coupon Editor (large).JPG

You can now open your coupon and see all your markets

Coupon A.JPG

At this point, if you wanted to open another coupon you can simply select the one you require from your coupon picklist in the Guardian sidebar and at the bottom of the window select the appropriate options from the picklists on how you want to load it and click ‘Add and Apply'.

Guardian Settings.JPG

Next, I’ll show how to create a coupon with its own filters so that once finished and saved it will take 2 clicks after opening Guardian to find and load all markets into Guardian.
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For this example, I’ll take you through the steps to create the following coupon for use football markets, it will find the markets types listed below for today and with one of the markets from each fixture needing to have greater than £75k traded volume which are not in-play at the time of searching and loading the markets into the coupon, if your following the steps feel free to make your own changes and choice of markets etc as we go. Once finished the coupon will look like this

KO Coupon IP.JPG

As you can see, I’ve created a coupon with 3 panels (vertical panes)

The first panel contains the ‘Match Odds’ & ‘BTTS markets
The second panel Contains ‘Correct Score’ & ‘Half Time’ markets
The third panel contains the ‘Over/Under 1.5, 2.5 & 3.5’ markets
They each display the selection, P/L, back & lay prices and traded volume.

So, with the ‘Coupon’ tab selected in Guardian click the ‘Spanner’ icon to open the ‘Coupon Editor’

Coupon Spanner.JPG

Search & Filter Markets

The ‘Coupon Editor’ window will now open, and the first tab ‘Filter’ is where we’ll set our filter criteria (There is a separate thread on using filters so if you’ve not already seen that and are not familiar with filters its worth having a read for further details on the filter options)

For the filter settings I’ve used the following;

Filter 1st Half.JPG
Filter 2nd Half.JPG

Configure Panels & Layout

Next, we move onto the ‘Panel’ tab, this where you can configure the number of panels you want, and what’s shown in each and what order they appear etc, most of its self-explanatory but some options are worth clarifying,

We are starting with the ‘Primary Panel’ (this will be the one on the far left when the coupon is open), the first thing to do is select ‘Custom Configuration’ you will then see a list of additional options appear.

You’ll notice I’ve ticked the ‘Override the display setting of the Watch list’, this will then bring up all the pieces of information that can be displayed in the coupon. I usually do this with all my coupons so I can set them to display exactly what I need here rather than them use my regular watch list settings and having to manually select/deselect the ones I might need each time I load the coupon.

Panel 1st half.JPG

In the second half of the panel window by selecting ‘Show only market types specified below’ you will be able to specify which markets you want to see in this panel (remember this will be the left panel when you view your coupon)

Panel 2nd half.JPG

Next by choosing ‘Sort by Market Type’ as your Primary sort option and selecting the markets you want to display in this panel you will have the option to move them up and down to put them in the order you want them to appear.
Or you may choose to have them ordered by name or start time etc the choice is totally yours. Then once the first panel is done the next step is to click ‘Copy Panel’ located at the top of the window.

Copy Panel.JPG

By doing this the only thing you will need to change is the ‘Market Types’ to be shown in the 2nd panel in the bottom window, unless of course you want to view other information in this panel to in which case you can select/deselect those from the ‘selections display’ near the top too, otherwise it will show the same information as you have in the first panel.

Panel 2.JPG

Then repeat those last steps again to create a 3rd panel and change the ‘Market Types’ to those you want to see in your 3rd panel

Panel 3.JPG


The final tab is the ‘Settings’ tab, in most cases, I would recommend selecting one of the ‘Grouping’ options from the first pick list. By grouping the markets you will have the option to ‘add padding to align events across coupon panel. If you have a look back to the 3rd image from the top of the full coupon screen, you’ll see the Derby Vs Bolton markets all start in a line where the Aston Villa Vs Bristol City markets end, without grouping the markets and ticking the padding option all the markets would move up to leave no gaps which would put them all out of line when looking across.

The next option ’Link Vertical Scrolling of multiple coupon display panels’ effectively locks them in place, so when you move one scroll bar all of the will move in sync so the markets stay aligned, you may want to scroll up and down the panels independently ie, scroll down the markets in the first panel while leaving the other in situe.

For the refresh option, I tend to always use the ones I have selected in the image, that way I know everything I’m looking at is fully refreshed and showing the latest information.

Settings Tab.JPG

The final setting that’s worth a mention is the ‘Reapply Filter’ option I have this set to ‘Only when coupon changes’ this means that once I’ve added my markets to guardian unless I manually change the coupon in some way nothing will change.

This is useful if doing something like filtering for markets not yet in-play, but then wanting to keep them even after they've gone in-play.
If you selected to 'Re-Apply Filter every 10 seconds' that would instruct Bet Angel to check the markets in your coupon every 10 seconds and remove any which no longer fit your criteria
So you could use that if you wanted to filter for markets that have not yet kicked off but then have Bet Angel automatically remove them from the coupon once they have (and no longer meet the filter requirement).

Of course its not just for in-play, it uses all your filter options so if you filer by volume and a market hasn’t met it at the time you applied the filter and open the coupon it will add markets at a later time if/when they meet your volume or whatever other criteria you have set.

And that's it, you’ve now created your first coupon, you just need to click the disc+ icon in the top right corner and give it a name and save it, it will then be available in your coupon picklist ready to use.
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