Set up a Whole Days Trading with One Key Stroke

There is a reason it's the best Betfair trading software, there is so much it can do!
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This is something I can’t emphasise enough just how much time and effort this saves each day and over the course of a week or month it adds up to a lot of saved hours.

For those users who tend to search, load and trade the same markets each day this is even more perfect, simply login to Bet Angel push a key and voila! The software will find exactly the markets you want, load them into Guardian, add them to a Coupon or Watch List and display them to you, and if you chose will apply your automation rules too, Its even clever enough to apply different automation files to different types of markets.

For Automation users effectively this means that with Bet Angel after login one key press and you can walk away and leave Bet Angel to it – its as simple as that!

Or for manual traders it means no more repeatedly searching for the same markets every day, adding them to Guardian launching Watch Lists etc now its all done for you!


The first task is to create a filter and coupon for your markets, Bet Angel already comes with several of these pre-installed or you can create your own, if you’re not sure how to the following post walks you through the steps

Once you have a saved Coupon and Filter the next step is to assign the running of this to a shortcut key, at the same time we are also going to assign some other tasks to the same key so that when finished you can ‘Set up your whole days trading’ with one keystroke.

To create a shortcut key, you need to open the ‘Keyboard Shortcut Editor’ by navigating to;
Settings > Edit Settings > Behaviour > Keyboard Shortcuts > Create New Profile

Or if you already have an existing shortcut profile you can use that by clicking ‘Edit’ instead of creating a new profile


All we need to do now is to assign a series of actions to the same shortcut key, when pushed those actions will be performed in the order you put them in, so it goes without saying it'ss important to ensure you do configure these in the right order.

For this example, I’m going to use the ‘q’ as my shortcut key.

The first task I’ve assigned is to Display Guardian
The second task is to Set my Coupon (which includes a market filter)

Coupon Key.JPG

The third task is to then trigger the ‘add & ‘apply’ button in Guardian to run and load that coupon

Shortcut Final.JPG

At this point you might also want to select an automation file and apply it to a market type, or perhaps your coupon contains different market types and you want to apply different rules to each type, if so you can continue to add them here, or for more details and an example just on applying different rules files to different market types please see this thread

Once you have all your actions assigned to a shortcut key save the profile.

Now each day when you log in or as soon as your ready one key press and Bet Angel will launch Guardian, find and load your markets into a coupon, display that coupon - plus if needed apply any rules required to the relevant markets.


and hey presto you're ready to begin your days trading or leave your computer if using automation.
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