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Quick Bet tickets enable you to place bets quickly and easily without the need to open the full market, by opening a small window with just the bare essentials required to place a bet, this quick bet quick guide will run you through the basics of what you need to know and how to use Quick Bet tickets.

NB, To use quick bet tickets you'll need to have downloaded and installed the latest version of Bet Angel Professional V1.53 released a few weeks ago

The number of back and lay prices displayed and a few other options can be configured in your main settings at the bottom of the behaviour tab, in the image below the quick bet ticket is set to display just the best back and lay price.


Quick Bet tickets can be launched from anywhere in Bet Angel where a market is listed, ie, the market selection window, guardian’s market selection window, the main guardian window and watch lists and coupons.


From the Quick Bet ticket you’ll be able to do any of the following;
Set the bet type (back or lay)
Set the odds (either by clicking one of the prices displayed or manually entering into the Odds box)
Chose the selection to bet on
Set the stake amount (the default amount is set in your main setting on the ‘staking’ tab, or you can right click in the stake box and choose from your ladder pre-set stakes).
Set the staking method
Green up
See What if Figures for the bet about to be placed
Open the full market to your main or a new trading window (Click the Bet Angel or Ladder icon at the top of the ticket)

Things like Global Settings and Servants can not be used, to use either of these, you’ll need to open the full market on a regular screen.

As well as right-clicking a market name to open a quick bets ticket (which will always auto-select the selection Betfair has in row 1 on initial opening), you can open a quick Bet ticket by clicking on the price of a selection from your Guardian odds pane or a Watch List / Coupon.

When doing that the ticket will open with the selection, the bet type and the odds you clicked on to open it already filled in so its ready just to press the ‘Place Bet’ button to submit the bet into the market


After placing a bet if it’s unmatched it will appear at the bottom of the window where you can manage if you want or just close or re-use the ticket if you want to place another bet on the same market (To re-use the ticket to place another bet on the same market click the green u-bend icon).


You can also click on the number of unmatched bets at the top right of the window to spawn a floating unmatched bets window, were you can fully manage ALL your unmatched bets for that market as well as Take SP and Keep Bets etc

Once the bet is matched you will see a notification displayed

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