Displaying Matched Bets on the One-Click, Ladder and Dutching Screens

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If you would like to display your matched bets at all time regardless of which trading screen you are using it takes just a few clicks to set up and save.

First open the Matched Bets window and in the top right corner click the blue arrow icon to undock the matched bet window.


Then go back to your trading screen and by pointing your cursor at the sides and corners of the matched bets window drag it to the required size and position it were ever you want on your screen and click the blue drawinging pin icon in the upper right corner to pin it on top.


Once your happy with everything you can save your layout as a new profile, to do this go to the top left corner of your screen and click;
View > Save Screen Layout AS


If you use different screen or trade different types of sports you might want to save multiple layouts each with your matched bets window in a different place.

If you use Bet Angel on multiple computers then to save having to re-creating all your layouts and settings profiles on each one there is a quick and easy way to export and import them all to another or maybe you'd just like to create a back up of them in case of any issues with the PC your using for more details on doing this please see the following blog.
https://www.betfairtradingblog.com/bet- ... -settings/
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