Using Markers to Highlight Arbs & Best Prices in Connected Markets

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If you trade events with connected markets like Football, you can use Bet Angel’s innovative ‘Markers’ feature to highlight prices from one market to another on your ladder screen, this enables you to quickly spot and take advantage of any Arbing opportunities you’d otherwise miss or see which of the markets is offering the better price for your entry exit price.

For example, if you look at the Under 0.5 and 0-0 Correct Score market these are effectively the same market so should move in sync and due to Betfair using xmxm (cross-market, cross-matching), bets placed in one will often get matched in the other by but every now again the prices do differ and this gives you the opportunity of an Arb (risk free bet) or one of the markets might offer a better back/lay price.

If you look at the image below on the left is the correct score market and the ladder for 0-0, for illustration purposes on the right I've also shown the under 0.5 ladders ladder, but note the ‘Markers’ highlighted in the back/lay columns of the 0-0 Correct Score market – they are displaying what the back and lay price of the Under 0.5 currently are so you can see quickly and easily if this steps out of sync.

Marker Arbing.jpg

In that image there is no arbing opportunity, but you can see there is a better lay price available in the 0-0 market than the Under 0.5.
A little later an Arb opportunity did appear, as you can see from the ‘Markers’ on the 0-0 ladder you could back in the Under 0.5 market by taking the available back price of 20.0, then lay at 19.5 in the 0-0 CS market at the same time creating a risk free bet.

Marker Arb.jpg

You can do this using any interconnected market and even on multiple interconnected markets if you want to get really creative, but to get you started here I’ve created the two files required to display markers on the correct score and unders market.

These files are not just limited to 0-0 and under 0.5 markets, once a goal is scored you can then use the same file on the under 1.5 market to display the markers on either 1-0 or 0-1 depending on who scored, after a 2nd goal it can be applied to the under 2.5 market to display the back/lay prices from that market on 1-1, 2-0, or 0-2 correct score (whichever it might be) and so on.

In the image below the match went 0-1 so the file has been applied to the under 1.5 market and will display markers for the back/lay odds on the 0-1 correct score

Marker Arb 1.5 (1).jpg

To achieve the above you just need to download and import the following two files into your Bet Angel.

Guardian Rules File

The first is named 'Stored Unders Back & Lay Price.baf and is a rules file that needs to be applied to the next O/U market in Guardian in relation to the current score as detailed above (ie, if the score was 3-1 that’s 4 goals so far therefore it would be applied to the O/U 4.5 market)
Guardian Import Image.jpg
Store Unders Back & Lay Price.baf

Ladder Settings File

The second file is a ladder settings file named 'Unders Markers.bls this needs importing into your ladder settings area, then once you select this ladder settings file and open a Correct Score market on your ladder screen then have the rules file applied to a O/U market in Guardian from that fixture it will display the prices
Import Ladder Settings.JPG
Unders Marker.bls

Above is just one example of how 'Markers' can be used to highlight arbs and price differences in connected markets and give you information not avaliable to other traders.

Quick Bets

When using the method above you might find Bet Angels 'Quick Bet tickets' a handy, these enable you to open mini betting windows from the Watchlist, Guardian and market selection windows etc and as the name suggests place 'quick bets' without the need to open the full market
For more details on Quick Bet Tickets please see this blog
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