Green up to a Overall Target Profit Across Multiple Markets

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Do you trade multiple markets from the same event?

Using a simple rules file either on its own or added into your existing rules you can instruct Bet Angel to check the P/L from multiple markets then green them all up when a target profit (or loss) is reached.

For example, if you are a football trader you may be trading both the Match Odds and Correct Score markets as part of a stratergy, but want/need to lock in your profit and green up both markets if the combined profit from them reaches your specified amount.


To do this you just needs two basic but identical automation files, these will consist of a rule to continually check the profits from both markets (or even more if you want), another rule to add the two profit figures together and when your target amount is a third rule will green up your positions.

Creating the Rules

The first rule needed is a ‘Set/Modify Stored Value, this can be set to trigger unlimited times and re-arm every refresh (so it always has the most up to date profit figure).

General SP1.jpg

Then on the Stored Value tab create a Stored Value (I’ve named this profit1) and store the value of the ‘Markets Green All Profit (current price) for the ‘Event’.

SV SP1.jpg

That’s the first rule done, that’s basically storing your green up figure every refresh for whichever market you apply this rule too.

The second rule is another ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule, configured exactly the same as the first on the General tab.

On the Stored Value tab this time we need to create a Stored Value (I’ve named total), this going to add the stored value named ‘profit1’ to the stored value named ‘profit2’.
(Don’t worry we haven’t made the profit2 stored value yet but will get to that shortly).

SV Add Profits.jpg

Each time that rule triggers its adding together the two stored values to create a third stored value named ‘total’.

The last rule needed is a ‘Green All Selections’ rule, its up to you wat trigger times you use this will largely depend on the market’s you intend to use it on, as I’ll be using this on in-play football markets I’ve set it to trigger 3 times re-arming every 15 seconds (to allow for the in-play delay).

General Green Up.jpg

This rule just needs a Stored Value condition, to test if the Stored Value named ‘total’ is greater than a specified amount, for this example I’m using £20.

Conditions Green Up.jpg

That’s the file for one market done, this can now be saved (I’ve called mine combined profit 1).

We now need to make an identical file with a small change, the easiest way to do this is to click the ‘Disk+’ icon and when the popup window appears re-save the file this time with a different name (ie, combined Profit 2).


You now have two identical files, all you need to do now is select the ‘Store Profits 1’ rule (or whatever you named it – and change this to something else ie, Store Profits 2) then go onto the Stored Value tab and changed the stored value name (I’ve changed mine to Profit2).

Remember earlier we created a rule that added Profit1 to Profit2 – this is that profit 2 rule now created.

The rest of the files can be left alone, you just need to click the disk icon (not disk+) to save it and the files are ready to use.

All you need to do now is apply them to your chosen markets, ie, you can apply the ‘Combined Profits 1’ file to all the Match Odds markets, and the ‘Combined Profits 2’ file to all the Correct Score markets’

You can now trade those markets as normal and if a combined profit of £20 (or whatever you specified) both markets will be greened up.
Or if you already have automation files you use on multiple markets in an event you may prefere to copy the rules into your existing files, this can be done with 2-3 clicks, the following blog explains how to do this. ... fair-bots/

Remember, you can edit this anyway you want, so perhaps you want it to green up if a combined loss is exceeded across both markets, or you may just want it to close the trade on one but green up on the other - the choice of how you use it is yours

Ready-Made Examples

I would encourage anyone wanting a bot like this to try and make it themselves first following the steps above, but if you are still struggling you can download both files below and import them into your Bet Angel Guardian as shown in the image below, these are set up exactly as detailed above.
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