Simple Way to Trigger Bets on the Current Score

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A question often asked is by people trading football with automation is ‘How to bet/trade on the current score at a particular time in a match’.

With the absence of a live score feed from the Betfair API there isn’t a straight forward way like there is with Tennis (which has dedicated score conditions you can use). Instead you need to be more creative when doing this with football.

If you were doing this in the last 10mins you could usually just apply a rule to the favourite in the Correct Score Market, as at this point in the match the current score will in 99.9% of cases be the shortest price.

But what about if you want to trigger bets at other times in the match, say after 25mins, whatever the current score is now is unlikely to be the shortest price especially if there are goals expected during the match.

So what other options are there?

One of the easiest and most reliable ways is to use the ‘Overs’ from the Over/Unders market. The first thing to note is the price of the ‘Overs’ in the next over/unders market will be the same as the current score, for example if it was 1-1 the next overs market would be O2.5 and price of both would be the same no matter how long was left in the match. If it was 2-3 the next overs market would be O5.5, if it was 1-0, the next overs would be O1.5

Setting up the Criteria

Let’s assume we want to create a football bot to trigger on the current score after 50 mins, first we need to do a bit of homework and either check some historical data or just have a look at some current matches at the time you intend to have your rule trigger and note down the price of the next Overs market from several matches, what you’ll notice is all the prices will fall into quite a tight range

Austria V Greece 0-0
Overs 0.5 = 1.51

Germany V Turkey 1-0
Overs 1.5 = 1.25

Netherlands V Mexico 0-0
Overs 0.5 = 1.28

Poland V Finland 3-0
Overs 3.5 = 1.32

Portugul V Spain 0-0
Overs 0.5 = 1.28

Switzerland V Croatia 1-1
Overs 2.5 = 1.37

Above you can see they are all priced between 1.25 and 1.51, if you were to look at the Over/Under markets 2 goal ahead for each match (ie, the O1.5 for the Austria V Greece match and Over 3.5 for the Switzerland V Croatia match) you’ll find all those prices are much higher.

The more matches you look at (i'd say 15-20 should be sufficient) and closer they are to what you intend to trade and use the rule on the more accurate you can make this, ie, if you only intend to use your rule on top European league matcheds try and check the prices from similar fixtures rather than look at 3rd division south American matched

So now you know roughly what price the next ‘Overs’ is you can simply add two ‘Fixed Odds Conditions’ to your football rule to create a range of odds for it to trigger in, in the image below I’ve configured this to allow the rule to trigger if the odds are between 1.20 and 1.60

Fixed Odds Conds.JPG

Its then just a case of applying that automation file to all the over/under markets in a match (O/U 0.5, O/U1.5, O/U2.5, O/U3.5, O/U4.5 etc) when it gets to 50mins (or whatever time you’ve armed your rule for) the only O/U market the rule will be able to trigger on is the one that’s 'Overs' price sits within that range of odds - which should be the current score.
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