Displaying Additional Market Data and Information in Custom Columns (without Guardian)

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If you are a trader who uses the one-click or manual bet grid screens and like the idea of using Bet Angel’s custom columns to display bespoke market and selection data like in some of the images below

For example display the ‘Average Price’ each selection traded at during each minute
Average Prices.JPG

Display Tennis Scores and Server information
OC Tennis Score.JPG

Display historic traded price at fixed intervals of your choice
Historic Prices.JPG

Display the Volume increase during a period of time
Recent Volume (IP).JPG

Or even have the ability to green up at any price, exactly the same as you can on the ladder screen
OC Greening Columns.JPG

But don’t want to find and load markets to Guardian then apply the rules files to them each day to retrieve the information needed in your custom columns then there is another way – one which avoids any need to use Guardian and even applying a rules file to each market and that’s to use a ‘Safety Servant’ to run the rules file for you.

A ‘Safety Servant’ is basically a regular Servant except it doesn’t need to be started manually or require any action or intervention from you.
Instead Safety Servants are designed to start automatically every time you open a market, so they provide the perfect answer when wanting to display information/data in custom columns including when opening markets in a new window meaning you can still trade on multiple markets at the same time.

In short once you’ve created a rules file or downloaded one of the ready-made examples from the forum and you’ve enabled it to be used as a Safety Servant you don’t have to do anything else each day other than load your markets as normal and you’ll still have all the information/data you want in your custom columns

Using a Safety Servant

Below are the files to display historic prices at 5mins, 4mins, 3mins, 2mins and 1min on your one-click screen as shown in the image below
Historic Prices.JPG

Custom Columns File

To use these one-click setting’s, click the 'Historic Prices Columns.bcc' file below to download to your computer, then whilst on your one click screen click the ‘Star’ icon and that will open the Custom Column editor, after that click the import button and browse for the downloaded file on your PC - then you can select that file as your Profile.
Historic Prices Column.bcc
CC Import.JPG
CC Import1.JPG

Grid Layout File

You will also need to click on the 'Historic Price.bgl' file below to download the grid layout settings file to your computer, once downloaded on your one-click screen click the paper with green arrow icon to import the grid layout settings file - you'll then be able to select it from the pick list just to the left of the gold star.
Historic Price Layout.bgl
GL Import.JPG

Rules File
To store the historic price you will also need to download and import the ‘Historic Prices.baf' file into your Servant Manager, once downloaded to your computer open the Servant Manager by clicking on the Bellboy icon.
Then click on the ‘Rules’ tab and ‘Import a Rules’ file
Historic Prices.baf

Next you need to go onto the ‘Safety’ tab of the Servant Manager and select that rules file as your safety servant, remembering to tick the box next to it to enable it.
Safety Servant.JPG

And that’s it everything is now already for you to use, if you haven’t already got them selected make sure have the files you’ve just imported chosen as your Grid Layout and Custom Columns

Ready to Use

Once that’s done if you go to the top left corner of your screen and click ‘Settings’ you can re-save your current settings profile, or click ‘Save AS’ to create a new profile.

That will mean every you’ll be able to log in to Bet Angel with all these settings applied or switch between other saved settings profiles whilst using Bet Angel.
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Anyone wanting to set up there one-click screen with the greening and close trade columns shown in the 5th example from the post above can download the required files from this post

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