How to Import Downloaded Bet Angel Settings, Layouts, Charts, Search Filters, Rules Files etc

With Bet Angel you can customise just about everything. You can also export and import all the settings and layouts. Here are some examples.
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Over the years Bet Angel Trading software for Betfair has grown to become the most customizable 3rd party trading software available, there are literally no areas of Bet Angel you can’t fully customize to your own tastes and requirements.

Each of these areas also have the option to import/export saved files, so you can quickly swap settings, layouts and rules etc created on one PC to other, or you could download some of the 100s of ready-made files from this forum and use as they are or make your own edits to get them exactly how you want.

Some of the areas of Bet Angel that are customizable and allow the importing/exporting of saved files have been available a long time and you may be aware of but others you may not so thought now is the time to list all those areas, so here they are along with there file extension types;

Screen layouts (.blp)
Settings Profiles (.bsp)
Ladder Settings (.bls)
One-click layouts (.bgl)
One-Click Custom Column profiles (.bcc)
Automation files (.baf)
Servants (.baf)
Advanced charts (.bcs)
Guardian Market List Layouts (.gml)
Guardian Custom Columns (.gcc)
Market Search Filters (.bff)
Coupons (.bcf)
Value Based Colour Settings (.bavbc)

Now below I’ll go through each of the area’s in turn showing how to find the import/export buttons and also link directly to the section of the forum you can find ready-made examples you can download and import into your Bet Angel

Screen Layouts (.blp)
In the upper left corner of your main Bet Angel screen click 'View' > Import Screen Layout
Screen Layout.JPG

Settings Profiles (.bsp)
In the upper left corner of your main Bet Angel screen click 'Settings ' > Import Settings
Settings Profiles.JPG

Ladder Settings (.bls)
On the ladder screen click the spanner icon next to the 'ladder settings' pick list, then when the ladder settings editor opens in the top left corner click 'Settings' > Import Ladder Settings
Ladder Settings Spanner.JPG
Ladder Import.JPG
Download ready-made ladder settings from here viewforum.php?f=65

One-Click Grid Layouts (.bgl)
On the One-Click screen click the paper icon with a green arrow.
OC Import.JPG

One-Click Screen Custom Columns (.bcc)
On the one-click screen click the 'Settings' menu > Edit Custom Columns, when the custom column editor window opens click the 'Import' button
OC CC Import1.JPG
OC CC Import2.JPG
Download ready-made One-Click grid layouts and custom column settings from here viewforum.php?f=65

Automation Files/Bots (.baf)
First open Guardian by clicking the green 'G' icon (not the G+ icon), then select the 'Automation' tab > Import Rules File
Guardian Import.JPG
Download ready-made automation files (bots) from here viewforum.php?f=43

Servants (.baf)
Click the 'Bellboy' icon to open the Servant Manager window, then click 'Rules' > Import a rules file
SM Import.JPG
Download ready-made servants from here viewforum.php?f=58

Advanced Charts (.bcs)
In the top left corner of your screen click 'Settings' > Edit Settings > Charts > Advanced Charts, then in the bottom left corner click 'Import'
AC Settings.JPG
AC Import.JPG
Download ready-made advanced charts from here viewforum.php?f=67

Guardian Market List Layouts (.gml)
First open Guardian by clicking the green 'G' icon, then click on the 'List' tab and then the paper icon with a green arrow
Guardian Layout Import.JPG

Guardian Custom Columns (.gcc)
Open Guardian by clicking the green 'G' icon, then on the 'List' tab click the 'Edit Custom Columns' link, when the custom column editor window opens click 'Import'
Guardian CC.JPG
Download ready-made guardian market list layouts and custom columns from here viewforum.php?f=68

Market Search Filters (.bff)
Open the market selection window using the 'Select Market' button on the Desktop page, or in the upper left corner of the screen click 'File' > Select Market, when the Market Selection window opens click the 'Funnel' Icon, then when the Market filter editor window opens click on Filters > Import a Filter
Mkt Filter Funnel.JPG
Mkt Filter Import.JPG
NB; his can also be done in Guardian Market selection window

Download ready-made market search filters from here viewforum.php?f=63

Coupons (.bcf)
First open Guardian by clicking the green 'G' icon (not the G+ icon), then tick the 'Show Sidebar' link, when the sidebar appears at the bottom click the 'Coupons' tab then the 'Spanner' icon next to the Coupon picklist, When the Coupon Editor opens in the top left corner click 'Coupons' > Import Coupon.
Coupon Funnel.JPG
Coupon Import.JPG
Download ready-made coupons from here - viewforum.php?f=64

Value Based Colour Settings (.bavbc)
From your Custom Column editor on the one-click screen and in Guardian in the 'Button Area' select 'Value Based' for either your background or text colour then click the 'Spanner' icons that will appear.
and at the bottom of the Value Based Colour Settings editor click 'Import'

From your ladder screen open your ladder settings editor, and select the 'Additional Information tab', and select 'Value Based' for either your background or text colour and click the 'Spanner' icon to open the 'Value Based Colour Settings editor'
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