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This Ladder settings file can be used on any type of market, a key feature is it will display the following totals for your matched bets
Back Bets Matched (on each Selection)
Lay Bets Matched (on each Selection)
Lay Liability (on each Selection)
Total Matched in the Market

It also uses Value Based Colour Settings, this will change the colour of the text to red once they exceed a certain amount - making it very easy to see if you have had reached your intended limit and had to much matched or have to much liability on a selection or market.

*I have set these to change colour if you have more than £250 matched on a selection, and more than £500 matched on the market

In addition to the matched bets being display the ladder settings file also has shaded the cells with money waiting in them, and the traded volume column displays the values as a percentage.
The EPIQ (estimated Position in Queue) is also enabled and configured to be displayed in the Traded Volume columns

So when this file is used it will appear as shown in the image below;

Matched Bets Totals.JPG

Please note you will need to be using at least V1.57 to use this file, if you are using a older version you can download V1.57 from here

Using the Ladder Settings
To use these ladder setting’s, click the 'Matched Bets Total.bls' file below to download to your computer, then whilst on your ladder screen click the ‘Spanner’ icon to open the ladder settings editor and in the top left corner click;
Settings > Import Ladder Settings
Import Ladder Settings.JPG
Matched Bet Totals.bls

Rules File
To display the totals for the matched bets you will also need to download and import the following 'Matched Bet Totals.baf' rules file into Guardian, once downloaded to your computer open Guardian and on the ‘Automation’ tab click ‘Import a Rules’ file, then each day just add your markets to Guardian and apply that rules file to them all.
Guardian Import.jpg
Matched Bet Totals.baf

How the Rules Work
Please refer to the 'Note' tab for each rule understand how each rule works and how it may be connected to other rules within the file

Colour Settings
For the cells to change colour you'll need to download and import the 'Value Based Colour Setting' files named 'Matched Bets Totals on Selection.bavbc' and 'Matched Bets Total on Market.bavbc' and import them into your Value Based Colour Settings Editor on the 'Additional Information area of your Ladder Settings t
Then select them as your 'Back Ground Settings' for the appropriate rows
VBCS Imports.JPG
VBCS Import Ladder2.JPG
Matched Bets on Selection.bavbc
Matched Bets on Market.bavbc

*Note you need to apply the 'Matched Bets on Selection.bavbc file to the information for the items on the first three rows, and only apply the 'Matched Bets on Market.bavbc' to the fourth row
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Betfair will approve of the warning that your limit is reached. ;)
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Derek27 wrote:
Tue Sep 21, 2021 4:43 pm
Betfair will approve of the warning that your limit is reached. ;)

Y, I timed this one pretty well
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