Current Speed and Course Par Speed Bands - Advanced Charts

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The following Advanced Charts, will display a runners current speed against the course par speed (average speed) at its current location in the form of an upper and lower band on the chart
The actual course par speed at that location would be the centre with the upper/lower dash bands, with the upper band being 1.5m/s above the par and lower band being 1.5m/s below the par.

In the image below you can see that at the start of the race the runners were all moving along well below the course par speed and for a while were travelling more than 1.5m/s slower than the par speed before picking up their pace from approx. the 2/3rds mark of the race


When used the advanced charts would look like this, I've enabled the runner in Betfair's rows 1-6 to be shown but you can display up to 10 runner or remove those you don't want to see and/or change the line colour for each runner


Displaying the Advanced Charts
To use this Advanced Chart click the 'Speed with Par Bands.bcs file below to download it to your computer, then in the top left corner of your screen click
Settings > Edit Settings > Charts > Advanced Charts
Then in the lower left corner of your Advanced Charts window click 'Import'
Adv Chart Import.jpg
Speed with Par Bands.bcs

Rules File
To display the current speed and course par speed on this Advanced Chart you will also need to download and import the rules file named 'Current Speed and Par Speed.baf' file into Guardian, once downloaded to your computer open Guardian and on the ‘Automation’ tab click ‘Import a
Rules’ file.
Guardian Import.jpg
Current Speed and Par Speed.baf

Then each day just add your markets to Guardian and apply that rules file to them all. The rules file will then store the required data from the markets and pass that to the chart file.

Editing the Rules File
Once you have it imported into your Guardian you can edit any part of it very easily by clicking on "Edit Rules File".
Please refer to the 'Note' tab for each rule understand how each rule works and how it may be connected to other rules within the file
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