Display Live Tennis Scores and Server in Custom Columns - One Click Screen Settings

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The settings files below for your One-Click screen when imported and used will display the live tennis scores and which player is serving in custom columns points, exactly as seen in the image below

OC Screen.JPG

Custom Column File
To use these one-click setting’s, click the 'Tennis Scores.bcc' file below to download to your computer, then whilst on your one click screen click the ‘Star’ icon and that will open the Custom Column editor, after that click the import button and browse for the downloaded file on your PC - then you can select that file as your Profile.
CC Import.JPG
CC Import1.JPG
Tennis Scores.bcc

Grid Layout File
You will also need to click on the 'Tennis Score Layout.bgl' file below to download the grid layout settings file to your computer, once downloaded on your one-click screen click the paper with green arrow icon to import the grid layout settings file - you'll then be able to select it from the pick list just to the left of the gold star.
GL Import.JPG
Tennis Score Layout.bgl

Rules File
Finally you will also need to download and import the 'Tennis Scores.baf' file into your Guardian, once downloaded to your computer open Guardian and on the ‘Automation’ tab click ‘Import a Rules’ file, then each day just add your markets to Guardian and apply that rules file to them all.
Guardian Import (1).jpg
Tennis Scores.baf

Using the Files
Once you've downloaded and imported the three files as detailed above, in addition to applying the .baf rules file to your markets in Guardian you also need to ensure you have selected the Grid layout and Custom Column profile on your One-Click screen as shown in the image below.

If you'd like to display the live tennis scores and server information displayed on your ladder screen please see this post
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