Lay the Fav if the Win Previous Set by Less Than 2 Games Guardian Automation Bot

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This is a basic Guardian automation rule for use on Tennis markets, as the title suggests it will Lay the fav if they won the previous set by less than two games (ie, 6-4, 7-5 or with a tie-breaker) using a £10 liability stake.

Once the lay has been placed it will green up when either player reaches 5 games during the next set, it will then be ready to repeat the process subject to the score in that set – so it has the potential to trigger and green up as many as 4 times on a close grand slam match between men.

The idea being if a play only just wins a Set (by 1 break of serve or less), the opponent is still in with a good chance of getting back into the match or if they’ve just levelled up at 1-1 (or 2-2 in a men’s grand slam) the match could go either way still.

Please note you will need to be using the latest V1.55 of Bet Angel Professional to import and use this file, if you haven’t already updated you can download it from the link below ... _beta3.exe

How it Works

The first rule is a ‘Place Lay Bet’ rule and this uses a ‘Tennis Completed Score Condition’ to test the ‘now’ fav won the previous set by less than 2 games.The second condition is a ‘Fixed Tennis Score Condition’ just to test its 0-0 in games and points (ie, it’s the start of a new set).

The second rule is a ‘Green All’ rule which uses a ‘Tennis Fixed Score Condition’ to test one of the players has reached 5 games.

Downloading and Importing the Files

To use the file just click on the following Lay Fav if Previous Set Winner by Less than 2 Games.baf' and this will download it to your computer, then with guardian open on the "Automation" tab click "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in the drop-down box just above, you can now apply them to any markets you have added into guardian.

Once you have it imported into your Guardian the stake size along with any other aspects of this file can be edited very easily by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

With any automation bot always run in practice mode first to ensure everything is working fine, and repeat this each time you make any changes.

To see a video tutorial on how to download and import an automation file into your Bet Angel please see this link
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