FTX collapse

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Yeah, unfortunately, you can't trust anyone anymore.
In the case of CZ from Binance it's pretty obvious that this guy doesn't care about the "community" as he sometimes claims, your best hope is that Binance is making so much money that there isn't a big enough incentive to do more fraudulent things.
But in other cases it's not so clear, Vitalik Buterin comes off as a very decent guy, but after what happened with SBF, you cannot even trust him.
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Euler wrote:
Thu Nov 17, 2022 4:46 pm
It's hardly, excuse the pun, made a ripple on the main stream news. It's far more serious that any traditional financial scandal.

It's effects will echo around the industry for some time you would. Even if its impact is just to shoot the credibility of industry out the window. It will take a while for any confidence to return.
Isn't it the time to shine for bf (more aggressive ad, the slogan is "we don't hire kindergarteners" or like their old "coffin trick" with CRYPTO tag on the coffin ) ? Their rival from crypto-financial world sh*ted itself.
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BREAKING: BlockFi is filing for immediate bankruptcy,
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Euler wrote:
Mon Nov 28, 2022 3:52 pm
BREAKING: BlockFi is filing for immediate bankruptcy,
Genesis Global Capital will likely be next... :?

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