Display the Current 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fav in Unique Colours on the Course Map - TPD Map Settings

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These settings will display the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fav on the TPD map using unique colours allowing you to quickly and easily see where the front three in the betting are currently positioned

Green = The Fav
Yellow = The 2nd Fav
Red = The 3rd Fav

This information is updated every refresh so you'll always have the most up to date information

NB; to use this settings profile you will need to have an active subscription to TPD and be using the new Bet Angel v1.60 which can be downloaded from the following page which also contains full details of all new options and features which have been added

When these settings are used your Map window will look like this;


Colour Settings
For the front runners to use there own unique colours you will need to download and import the 'Value Based Colour Setting' files below, you can of course edit this and change the colours required for each runner
Fav 3.bavbc
Once downloaded you need to import them into your TPD settings area by clicking the spanner icon in the highlighted box below
TPD Settings.jpg
Once imported you need to select that colour profile and then enter the shared stored value name for the selection as front_three_betting
so that your settings appear exactly the same as in the image above

Rules File
To pass the real-time order of favouritism to your Map window you will also need to download and import the 'Front Three in Betting.baf' file into your Guardian, once downloaded to your computer open Guardian and on the ‘Automation’ tab click ‘Import a Rules’ file, then each day just add your markets to Guardian and apply that rules file to them all.
Guardian Import.jpg
Front Three in the Betting.baf

How it works and using the Rules File
Once you have it imported into your Guardian you can edit those (or any other parts of the file) anyway you want or remove them and add your own rules to use the recent form very easily by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

Please refer to the 'Note' tab for a more detailed explanation on how each rule works and how it may be connected/linked to other rules within the file
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