Displaying Total Performance Data On your Ladder, One-Click and Guardian Screens in Bet Angel

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If you haven’t already subscribed to Total Performance Data (TPD) or entered your TPD licence key into Bet Angel please see this blog first for setting that part up.
https://www.betfairtradingblog.com/bet- ... et-up-tpd/

That blog also links to another which explains how/where you can download ready-made rules and settings files which use and display the real-time information from TPD once imported into your Bet Angel.

But for those of you who want to learn how to create your own rules and settings file so that you can use and display just the information you want from TPD this post will cover the steps needed to do that.

Creating the Rules File

Firstly I should briefly explain when the data arrives from TPD before Bet Angel can display it, it needs to be put into something called a ‘Stored Value’, Stored Values are part of Bet Angels Advanced Automation tool. Once a piece of data from TPD is in a Stored Value it can then then be used by other rules to trigger bets etc or displayed on your trading screens throughout Bet Angel

So the first step is to create a rules file using some stored values, and to do this you need to open the rules editor in Guardian by clicking on

Create Rule.JPG

Then select the rule type that you need which would be ‘Set/Modify a Stored Value’, you can then set the time the rule is armed from-till, the number of times it can trigger and which selection it’s to trigger on etc. You can of course set this to suit whatever you want but 99.9% of the time you’ll want it triggering as fast as possible, on every selection, and throughout the whole race so you’ll be setting it up as shown in the next image.


Now we can move onto the Stored Value tab, here you can select which data you want to use from TPD and put into a Stored Value. For the purposes of this example lets assume you want to know the ‘Position’ and ‘Distance to finish’.
When you create a Stored Value (for anything not just TPD information), you give each one a unique name of your choice, and it’s this name which you then use throughout other areas of Bet Angel.

I always find it easier to name Stored Values something similar to what it is they are storing, so for this first Stored Value I’ve just named it ‘current_position’


Now each time this rule triggers it will get the ‘Position in race’ from TPD and store it as a value named ‘current_position’

You can see in the image above it’s storing this for the current selection (ie, the selection the rule is applied to – remember we have the rule applied to every selection and you can see that under the current selection box).
Notice the ‘Shared’ box is also ticked, this needs to be done for every stored value you intend to use outside this actual rules file, ie, other rules files or servants on that same market or when displaying it throughout Bet Angel.

Now we can click the ‘New’ button at the bottom of the window and add our second stored value for the ‘Distance_to_finish by selecting it from the menu pick list, the only other thing to change is the stored value name, which I’ve given it ‘distance_to_go’


And that’s the rules file made, finish it by clicking the disc+ icon at the top of the window to save it and give it a name.

You can continue and add as many or as few stored values as you want, and they can be for anything in the menu list, even if you don’t need every value all the time on your trading screen it won’t do any harm for a rule to still capture it.

You could also add more Stored Value rules to your file, for example if you wanted to store values for specfic selections or at a different update rate ie, every second.

For example you can add another ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule to this same file but change the refresh rate to 1 sec and then configure your stored value for a the ‘Stride Frequency’, or ‘Traded Volume or whatever you want.

You’d then have each selections Position and distance to finish updating every refresh and its Stride frequency updating every second.

Applying the Rules File

Each day you now just need to add your markets to Guardian and apply the rules file to them all, even if a race isn’t supported by TPD it won’t cause any harm the rules just won’t store any values.

Guardian Main.JPG

Alternatively you could run the rule as a Safety Servant, it will then be automatically applied to every market you open on either your ladder or One-click screen.

Servant Import.JPG

Displaying the Stored Values
Now you have the rules file set up the next thing we need is to configure the one-click trading screen to display those stored values, for step by step details on doing this please see this post
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