Opinions on TPD - is it worthwhile?

Integrate live racecourse data into your favourite Betfair trading interface from TPD.
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The link to active markets says data is available for Lingfield, but nothing is coming thru to Bet Angel.

Telegram channel has other users saying same.
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I noticed smth odd on their telegram group.
Every time someone ask them about if there is any timeline or if there will be any new course added in the nearest time they never answer the question. Should i assume they are not planning ? Anyone knows anythin ?
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It's clear what they can and can't offer.

Half the racecourse in the UK (to summarise) are owned by the ARC group, where TPD is present.

The remainder (to summarise) are owned by RMG, where TPD is not present.

It's as simple as that.

I'd imagine new courses will come online now and again, but that is the core lay of the land. Nothing complicated.
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Hi used it for a couple of days, took me a while to set it up as per the bet angel video screen, maybe a video to show the set up would be helpful for other users. First day runners went off and there was a good 5 second delay before the market went into play, my tactic was to lay scalp in running looking at distance to leader, first race was over 2m, got 3 good scalps on, market responded some 3 to 4 seconds after I had entered a trade, so far so very good, similar results in the longer races that day.
Yesterday only tracks covered were all weather, so shorter races, notable that the four second delay from the previous day was down to one second, so little or no advantage there, just as dangerous entering a 6f using this software backing or laying as using live pictures IMO.
Could someone tell me if bet angel still have the option to show the race live? I had my ipad next to my screen which is not ideal, on the betfair live screen you cant move the race video around the screen in order to fit everything in.

In all enjoying it so far, yes it gives you an advantage over camera angles but still takes some mastering, certainly for me trying it out for month should give you some idea if you can gain a clear advantage , as I said so far I would leave the sprints alone, going to be looking at place angles in the next few days.
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Tampa Bay 18:38 R3 on 31/12/21. As the winner crossed the line TPD data showed it was in last position and 59 lengths behind the leader.
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decomez6 wrote:
Mon Dec 06, 2021 3:15 am
SomeDude wrote:
Sat Dec 04, 2021 9:34 pm
On review of video, the horse TPD showed in first place was actually never leading and, in fact, fell before my automated bets were placed. This should never happen.
custom ranking is more accurate when done using the current prices (refreshed at every instance). in my opinion , Bf Algo are the most accurate representation of IP% chances of the horse winning the race .
i think its safer to include an additional price custom ranking rule . this should work to complement the TPD custom ranking. BOTH must be in the affirmative before a bet is placed.
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