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verance wrote:
Sun May 23, 2021 1:10 pm
Archangel wrote:
Sun May 23, 2021 12:56 pm
Anyone who watches the Eurovision would know its voting is always political. Neighbouring countries tend to vote for one another. UK generally does crap as its always been on the margins of Europe, even before brexit.
How much evidence is there of that? If UK came last because it's on the margins of Europe, how did Germany come second last? How did Iceland come 4th with 0 neighbouring countries?

The best predictor of doing well is a good song and singer. That's why UK came last.
It was a combination of politics and a crap song. Actually, the song wasn't that bad (only heard it once) but absolutely nothing standout or memorable, the sort of song you've forgotten as soon as it's over. Greece, Azerbaijan and a few others had a few memorable performers. I don't know why we couldn't go down that route.
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I don't agree the UK song was crap. I reckon the presentation was the problem (and anit-uk sentiment, of course). A studio version of that song could well do well in the charts. He is a far better singer than that performance suggests. Winning Eurovision is a boon. But just taking part is potentially a useful career move. No such thing as bad publicity.
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Personally, I liked the Belgian song and thought it was going to win. The 300 + public vote for Italy was unheard of and way bigger than the next biggest public vote.

The UK 'embers' song I thought was actually reasonable and didn't deserve the nil points, though the singer himself was a bit of a mess with a huge tummy in an absurd coat, it should be said.

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Probably requires a thread of its own (or not :lol:) but I got to thinking about songs that really should have been Eurovision songs....

think Spain missed a trick with this one back in the day!
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