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Golf is my game ... so sooner or later I want to apply what I am learning from tennis, football and trading in general, to golf. It's been only six weeks since I started trading. My biggest lesson so far is to only trade what I can watch. So this weekend was the PGA Zoho. I thought I would try two strategies. Of course I should have tried them both in Practice mode (first lesson learnt the hard way when trying out a new sport :roll:)

Dutch the top 10 players after Rnd1- Cantaly was in tenth place and in my top 10 selection - this would have won. As my bank roll is significantly less than £100 right now I tried this strategy out in PM. From my researsch I know this won't be the case every time and I do not yet have the skills to manage the position in play.

On sun afternoon I had another successful few trades on the Premier League football matches with BA in live mode. So I decided I would try and trade the golf and layed Thomas. Once the family were tucked up in bed I put the TV on and watch the event live (with delays and technical issues). I also forgot to switch BA to Practice Mode!! Then I got tempted into trying to trade some price swings on the ladder as Thomas was still getting backed in during the front 9. I dabbled the same with Rahm and noticed Catalay was well out of the picture. I was doing ok, just kind of breaking even. Rahm took over favorite and Thomas passed my back price for my exit strategy before the start!! Getting more sucked into to the market activity and watch Rahm and Thomas drag each other into poor play, Catalay's price in the ladder started coming alive as he got back in. Just then, in that moment I almost blew my bank. I layed Cantaly at 10's assuming he would immediately drift out to 12 or 15. I didn't check his card, his play, wait for some TV coverage,, use my golfing knowledge to assess what was going on on the course... I just watched as he got more and more back in, and rightly so. It very quickly became his tournament to loose and my happy positive trading weekend disappeared into the hazard with Rahm and Thomas. I just didn't have the skills or the experience to manage the position and was left with one option, Cash Out.

1. Use practice mode for new sports, markets and strategies
2. Read the game, 'frame' my trade before I trade
3. Don't commit more than x% of my bank (especially when laying) don't get stake happy
4. Laying Thomas was a good strategy. But I expected him to drift after a poor front 9 and bounce back with a strong 2nd 9. He played it the other way round. But if that was my planned trade. Stick with it as a trade. Then do anything else in practice mode.
5. Just suck up the 80% bank loss do the analysis and identify what skills I need to do more work on developing and acquiring and try again on the next event - especially with the Master coming up!!
6. When a similar situation pops up again, it will, I'll have a better idea how I might want to trade it. Two obvious favorites in getting into a match play scenario and an outsider on his best round of the comp....
7. Consider the money I lost as an investment in my trader training and that I'm going to have to be a lot more diligent and selective to trade the bank back.

Any other golf traders out there? Please say hi...
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Hi Wicksay!
I trade Golf and actually started with Golf (probaby an unusual approach) before branching out to other sports. I found it an interesting way to learn about in-play markets, given the in-play last for 4 days its in-play in slow motion so good for learning.
My trading is fully automated using Excel via Guardian so not really similar to you. General observations from my trading are that I find the 4th day the hardest to do well on. It becomes very shot dependent. That may suit your style better although I would worry about how you get live data as the SKY TV which I use seems to be behind the market most of the time.
I find the tournaments with smaller fields such as the Zozo championships are harder to trade, the best by far are the majors so really looking forward to the Masters coming up soon.
Good luck with your Golf trading!
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