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Trader Pat wrote:
Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:39 pm
Dublin_Flyer wrote:
Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:31 pm
I was looking at the size comparison to Usyk during the fight, Fury is about 6in taller and 25kg heavier than Usyk. AJ v Fury is a non runner at the moment in my view unless AJ can be absolutely AMAAAAZING in the rematch with Usyk with a knock down in rounds 1,2,3 and then a KO.
Even then, Fury could just get the tips/videos off Usyks crew and make shite of AJ! :lol:

Don't see how AJ beats him in a rematch unless he goes full Wilder and tries to windmill him.

Extra worry for AJ was that he was exhausted at the end and Usyk looked like he had more left in the tank.
AJ's "self protection" keeping his head clearly visible over his hands guarding his chest up to adams apple makes me think he'll be clipped numerous times then eventually DINKed in a rematch.

When the result was announced he did an open mouth WTF look for a split second, then walked away smiling, he knew he got the bejebus slapped out of him, he was lucky to last the distance.
Ball is in Usyks court for the rematch as belts holder, he said after the fight he missed his family and kids and wants to spend time with them, so I can't see a rematch happening for a long time, maybe Paddys Day next year or early summer. AJ-Fury is a loooooong way away if ever!
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Strange how BF still haven't put up the Usyk v AJ 2 market but I guess that's where they're going wrong these days ie no forward thinking.

If I had to price it I'd have Usyk 1.45ish, AJ has been found out at last, a good fighter but easily not the best of his generation.
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