Lay the Fav in 3rd Set if Previous Two Sets were Close Guardian Automation Bot

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This is a basic Guardian automation rule for use on Tennis markets, as the title suggests it will Lay the fav in the 3rd set if its 1-1 and the first two sets were close, ie by less than two games, so 6-4, 7-5 or 7-6 with a tie-breaker.

In all tournaments, except for Men's Grand Slams, the 3rd set will be the decider so the idea here is to take on the fav at the start of that 3rd set if the match is close.

The bot will place a lay bet staking by liability for £10, then green up during that 3rd set following a break of serve or if no break when one of the players reaches 5 games.

Please note you will need to be using the latest V1.55 of Bet Angel Professional to import and use this file, if you haven’t already updated you can download it from the link below

How it Works

The first rule uses a ‘Tennis Fixed Score Condition’ to test the score is 1-1 in sets, it also uses 2 x Tennis Completed Sets Conditions’ to test the selection lost the first set by 2 or less games, and won the 2nd set by two or less games.

The second rule (also a lay bet rule) is identical except the 2 x Tennis Completed Sets Conditions’ are reversed, so tests the selection won the first set by 2 or less games, and lost the 2nd set by two or less games.

This means only one of these two rules will ever trigger depending on the order the first two sets were won/lost.
As an additional safety precaution when one of these rules triggers they also set a signal on the market with the name ‘triggered’, they then both have a final ‘Set Signal condition’ to test the signal named ‘triggered’ is NOT set. This further ensures there is no chance both can trigger in the same match.

The next rule is a ‘Green up’ rule which will green up if a player goes a break up, to do this it uses a ‘Tennis Relative Score’ condition to test a player is 1 or more games ahead, combined with a ‘Tennis Serving Condition’ to test the player is serving these two conditions combined mean the rule can only trigger as soon as a player has broken another.

The final rule is another Green up rule, this uses a ‘Tennis Fixed Score’ condition to test if ANY player has reached 5 games, it also has a ‘Tennis Relative Score’ condition to test a player is one or less games ahead of their opponent. This ensures that if a player breaks and reaches 5 games at the same time both greening rules don’t trigger at the same time - In this instance only the Green up if break rule would trigger.

Downloading and Importing the Files

To use the file just click on the following Lay Fav in 3rd Set if Previous 2 Sets were Close.baf' and this will download it to your computer, then with guardian open on the "Automation" tab click "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in the drop-down box just above, you can now apply them to any markets you have added into guardian.

Once you have it imported into your Guardian the stake size along with any other aspects of this file can be edited very easily by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

With any automation bot always run in practice mode first to ensure everything is working fine, and repeat this each time you make any changes.

To see a video tutorial on how to download and import an automation file into your Bet Angel please see this link
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