Servant setting a signal for automation

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Is it possible for a servant to set a signal that can be acted on by a bot already assigned to that particular market?

What I envisage is a bot with two modes. The default one is a “data logging” mode where it captures data of interest pre- and in-play at whatever frequency is desired.

But if conditions warrant I would like to use a servant to set a signal to activate the trading elements of the allocated bot, so it would drip feed in bets or do whatever trade it is designed for.

So ideally the bots could be allocated in advance and if nothing else would be capturing data. And for appropriate markets as and when identified they would also actively trade.

Is this possible, and if so any pointers as to how? Any and all input gratefully received
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Yes, its possible to do, this servant does what your asking
ie, you use the servant to specify the runners you want a Guardian rule to dutch at a later time
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Great stuff

Thanks for the prompt reply Dallas.

Will explore this link both for the general servant/bot comms, but also for this particular ditching approach which I was not aware of. Many thanks
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