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Hello BA community,

I have been trying hard to Automate a very simple process but after failing for 100 times, I want your help now.

As you can see in the picture the BACK price is 1.84 and LAY price is 2.19.

I want to develop a system that would beat the best price and would keep my prices as the best prices. For instance, in this case I want my system to place a lay bet at 1.85 and back price at 2.18. Beating both the back and the lay price by 1 tick. Moreover, I want my system to CANCEL the bet if my price is not the BEST price.

I have tried multiple ways to accomplish this but none of my ways is working effectively to cancel the bets if my price is not the best price.

I would highly appreciate if anyone of you can help me with this.
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you can use cancel unmatched bets on selection price dependant rule and set parameters
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