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When used this will filter markets and display only;

French Horse Racing Win markets for today

To do this it uses the following market filters;

Events; Horse Racing
Market Start Time; Today
Event Type; Horse Racing
Country; France
Market Type; Win

When you use this filter the markets it finds will appear like this in your market selection window in an identical layout to what you see when using the Quick Picks for UK, IRE, AUS and US horse racing markets

Horse Racing French Win Quick Picks.jpg

Remember this is just an example template and once imported you can fully customize and make any adjustments you require.

To use the Market Filter simply click on the Horse Racing French Win (Quick Picks).bff attachment link below and that will download it to your computer if you're unsure how to then import a filter see this post
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Hi Dallas

I hope you are well and had a good Christmas and New Year’s.

I was having a look at markets in Guardian and noticed that South African and French horse racing place markets do not load in guardian, even though they are available on the Betfair website. There might be other markets where this is happening as well.

Is that something related to the Betfair API or is that something related to the way Guardian picks up markets?

PS understand the above was about Win - I changed the setting to “place”. Also couldn’t see place for rsa or French in today’s card. But I do see those markets on the BF website (including in the today’s racing tab).

PPS now I see them. Must get added to the api late.
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