Discussion regarding the spreadsheet functionality of Bet Angel.
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Guys & ladies :D i built a liability /stake spreadsheet for Football correct score to do certain things and give staking readouts .

But what i would like is does anyone know the formula that the calculation uses

Example i lay £150 0-0 box Odds 16.0 = £2250 liability :o :D

When I check say any other away win at 8.2

I get new Liability of -£663.22 on both score lines :P Stake = £99.17 on any Other win :?:
and stake = £50.83 on 0-0 from £150. :o The only thing I see is £99.17 + £50.83 = £150 stake

Does anyone know the formula (via the odds) how BA bookmaking does this basically I want to transfer that screen as a spreadsheet or better still is there a spreadsheet available
that mimics calculations on Bookmaking correct Score

Thanks in advance
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If i work it out will share spreadsheet Formulas very good for Correct Score markets
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Are you sort of saying, how does the bookmaking work?
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