Lay Fav if 2nd Fav Gets Within 1 Odds of Fav Guardian Automation Bot

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jjpd99 wrote:
Tue May 14, 2024 5:42 am
Cheers Dallas - how do I set these up? Both options could be suitable.

Appreciate your assistance.
To reprice it if it moves 'X' ticks away

On the lay bet rule use the stored value tab and store the price the lay bet is placed at (with a name of your choice)
then further down that window use the Adjustment option and minus 'X' ticks (X being the number of ticks you want to let the price move against your opening lay bet

Then add a 'close trade on selection with greening' rule with a 'Stored Value Condition'
to test the back price is less than the stored value named (whatever you called it above)

To reprice it after a period of time

Add a 'Set/Modify Signal rule' and use the signal tab tab and set a signal on the selection (with a name of your choice)
then add a 'Unmatched Bets Amount Condition' to test the amount of unmatched bets backs is greater than £0

Then add a 'close trade on selection with greening' rule with a 'Signal Changed Condition'
to test the signal named (whatever you called it above)
changed between 10 - 20 secs ago
(10 being the amount of time you want it to be since the unmatched back bet was in the market and set the signal)
20 being incase you want the rule to re-trigger a few times in case not matched, ie, a 10sec window will allow you to trigger the rule 3 times rearming every 4 secs)
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Dallas wrote:
Wed May 15, 2024 8:34 am
BettingAutomation wrote:
Tue May 14, 2024 5:08 pm
What is the advantages of using the signals to accomplish this?

Could this not be accomplished just by using the Historical Relative Odds condition without the signals?
Its detailed in paragraph 4 of the OP
Thank you. There's me busted for only reading what it does then downloading the file to see how it is set up, instead of reading your post that wrote that explains it.

Is there any way with signal(s) to say that the favourites odds are below a certain odds point, then they have increased, all while the horse in 2nd and or 3rd place have decreased, then subsequently a lay bet is placed on the fav?
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