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Hi all,

Looking to see if there is a shared for for a very basic servant or if somebody could give me a rough idea on how I set this up myself.

I'm looking for a similar function to the "offset bet" in the global settings. However, say if I'm placing a back bet in the que I don't want the opposite side of the bet to be sat there waiting before the bet has been matched. Ideally, I want it to drip through as the bet get's matched for example if £10 get's matched I'll then appear on the opposite side until the whole bet has been matched.

I know it's probably relatively simple/may already have one but I wasnt sure what to search in the servants that have already been added.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Not something I've used myself but I think you use the 'offset batches' box in the parameters tab. eg if you're betting £100 and offset in batches of 5 then it will put in an offset bet for every £20 matched.
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