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Hey Team,

Stumbled across a situation today and hoping it could be considered for a possible tweak. The scenario was
  • Opened trade with back bets
  • Placed several offset Lay bets at assorted prices
  • Servant switched all unmatched offset bets to 'Take SP' (just in case race jumps early)
  • At post, Guardian tried to Green, but as the position now exceeded the default $1000 'maximum liability' limit, the Green function didn't place any bets (this is ok)
  • *but* the Greening function still cancelled all my outstanding lay bets. :cry:
Would it be possible, in the event the Greening bets would exceed the maximum liability limit, for BA to not cancel any unmatched bets? I would have much rather taken the SP price than not had any closing position in the market. Needless to say, the horse lost :)

Or could the maximum liability limit be made a little smarter to understand we are trading the market, and these are closing trades and the liability is not anywhere near $1000. And yes, I have now increased the limit to avoid a similar scenario but that just feels dangerous !

I am trying to think of a down side to these suggestions. I am sure there is one....

Thanks in advance
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