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This probably sounds like a daft question, but am just slightly confused. You have the option to select more than one horse to lay against in that race, but it only says your liable losses are that of the highest horse odds.
So if you selected three horses to lay against in the same race, is this acting as an accumulator were all the three outcomes you have selected must lose, adn if you wanted spread your risk it would be better to select three horses from that race of similar odds and lay them as individual bets?
I hope I have explained my predicament, but found this confusing, especially when it as the option to lay all horses in that race as I do not know what would be the outcome then.
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In a regular win market only one horse can win
So if you lay 3 runners worse case scenario is only one if any can win and you lose that lay bet, hence your liability would be that which you'd lose the most on if it lost.
But you'd be paid out on at least the other two lay bets

If you lay the whole field if the combined book% is less than 100% then you will make a loss no matter who wins
If you can lay the whole field and the combined book% is greater than 100% then you'll make a profit no matter who wins

A good way to see this is if you go on the bookmaking tab and click the 'Back All' box to offer all your lay bets at the current back prices, the total book% will be greater than 100% so you'll see a small profit - if they all get matched at those odds
If you click the 'Lay all' box you will take the current lay price for each selection, this will be below 100% so you'll make a small loss

If you then tick a 'Manual' box on one or more selections and start changing the odds you'll see how this effects the book% and your profit or loss
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Thanks for the detailed explanation. Makes sense. Having played around with it yesterday I am getting a better understanding, but appreciate your excellent reply.
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