New beta version of Bet Angel v1.62.0 beta3

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tlkjb wrote:
Tue Jul 09, 2024 10:54 am
would be great if the API Call "DisplayMarket" could also set/change the "Grid Layout" und "Custom Column Profile"
You can achieve that already by chaining features together - using a Servant and Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • You can use Shortcuts to 'select a One Click grid layout' and 'Select a Custom column profile' and assign both to the same shortcut.
  • Then you'd create a Servant that uses the 'Display a Market on a Trading screen' rule type and on the parameters page configure it to 'Trigger a Keyboard Shortcut on the displayed screen' (using the shortcut that you previously defined).
  • Finally via the API you use displayMarket and then startAutomationServant to trigger the servant that will run your keyboard shortcut
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