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As a balance to trading we all need other interests to keep a perspective on life and some social interaction to keep our minds balanced.
My other BIGGEST interest is my kids and Rugby.

I play and coach Rugby in Luxembourg, it is the richest country in Europe, supposedly, but has shocking facilities for Rugby. Our only pitch is built on a rubbish dump and when it rains it stinks of all sorts of crap. I have to coach kids from 4 years and above in these conditions while Soccer clubs have more money than they know what to spend it on.

Last week the Luxembourg government announced a 100 million euro 5 year plan for sport in Luxembourg which includes 0 euros for Rugby, despite it being one of the country's top performing sports.

We started an on-line petition yesterday and already have 1,000 signatures from all over the world. Lux city has a population of 100,000 and the country 500,000 so that is alreadypretty cool.

If you guys like Rugby and could spread the word it would be great.

Please support our campaign.
Merci de rejoindre cette campagne: http://chn.ge/1fmYj7E
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Hi sweetybt,

Just signed your petition. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Many thanks,

starting to get some local press

http://www.wort.lu/en/view/700-players- ... 3c1fcf02bd
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