Using Practice Mode Responsibly & Avoid Betfair Restrictions

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Recently an increasing number of users have found they have had suddenly had restrictions placed on their Betfair accounts preventing them from retrieving full ‘Live’ market data and information causing their ladder screen to look something like this


This is usually accompanied by an email from Betfair telling you something along the lines of ‘Your data usage profile represents that of a commercial user’. The thread below is one of many that have appeared in recent months by users who have received such emails.

The most common reason for this restriction is if your account has no funds in which case just adding some funds usually resolves this automatically.

Other reasons may include if you have used practice mode for a period of time but without placing any live trades and Betfair have deemed your use of ‘Practice Mode’ to be too excessive and because you are not generating any commission for them but still putting a strain on their servers they have decided to limit the data/information you can retrieve from them making it impossible to trade properly afterwards in 'Live' or 'Practice Mode'.

Using Practice Mode Responsibly

Practice mode is a feature of Bet Angel that you can choose at login that allows you to freely click around and place bets and trades without fear of risking or losing any money. Its purpose is solely for new users to familiarize themselves with the software or for existing users to try out new features they have not yet used or when setting up or editing an automation rule to ensure that everything is working as expected.

It is NOT intended to be used for the continued testing of strategies mainly as no simulation mode will ever be able to give you accurate results for a strategy compared to testing in a 'live' market. This makes it's pointless to waste several weeks on testing something only to find once you do use it ‘Live’ with real money it fails almost from the get-go.

The opposite is also true in that trying to test in practice mode can just as likely cause you to throw away a perfectly good strategy that produced poor results when in fact had it been run in live mode could have worked very well for you.

Therefore as soon as you are familiar with how feature works or happy your automation file is set up correctly you should be switching to live mode as soon as possible to do ALL further testing. Starting of course with minimum stakes then increasing slowly when/if the strategy is looking like being successful.

Resolving Restricted Accounts

Should you find your account restricted as detailed above and its unfunded then adding funds often lifts the restriction automatically if not or its already funded you will need to contact Betfair using the following link for them to resolve ... quests/new
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