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Sun Nov 15, 2020 7:34 pm
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I've been kicked in the teeth a bit on this whole issue.

I come from an FX/Spreadbetting background where it is normal to open up live, anonymous demo accounts with a broker for testing before opening up a real account and depositing cash. So when I came across sports trading, I innocently thought that I could do the same. I set up an anonymous Betfair account (without verifying it, obviously) until I was ready to open up a real account with my details.

Eventually, I tried to open up a real account a couple of weeks ago and I can't. I contacted them via the chat portal (a 40 minute wait) gave them all my details, address, dob etc ..... and this was their reply -

"I can see this is because you have previously held an account with us which has been closed on business grounds, due to this you will be unable to hold an account with Betfair, I am very sorry."

I definitely haven't registered an account with Betfair under my name before and when I mentioned this on chat, the girl just said to take it up with the police (as if I'm going to do that).

This absolutely knocked me for six because over the last 3 months, I've been investing a lot of time, emotion and hope in believing I can crack sports trading with BetAngel. It also got me thinking that if I did master the skills needed, where would I go if BetFair just arbitrarily decided to close down my account one day? I know there are other sports exchanges (I'm registered with BetDaq) but I have yet to see anyone talk about trading success on these without using a Betfair account as reference, particularly Betfair's charts.

I don't know if it is because I opened up a 'blag' account and browser cookies have alerted them when I tried to open up my real account and I'm now black listed or am I a victim of identity theft ? I highly doubt it. There's but no way to find out and I just don't know what to do.

I know I'm jumping onto an old thread but I just thought I'd share my own experience/predicament.
How did you manage to open a Betfair account without giving your name, address and bank details?

The issue here is premium charge. As you receive a £1000 PC allowance when you open an account and have to pay 20% on profits once it's consumed, Betfair would see opening more than one account without linking them as avoiding paying PC, which they clamp down on quite heavily.
You only need a valid email address to initially open up a Betfair account to gain access to the exchange and everything it has to offer, video streams, charts etc... In fact, you get everything except the ability to deposit funds. To achieve this, you then need to go through the verification process which is when your details need to correlate with that on your identification documentation.
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I had my betfair account closed a few years back and i cant reopen it? Ive moved country now if i got to set up another account with address in a new country and new bank in a new country? Will that work?
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maybe its better asking them to reopen the old one to avoid confusion
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