Difference between Stored Values & Signals

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Leeds1919 wrote:
Fri Jul 03, 2020 8:05 pm
I'm intrigued by what you said " only change the value if its gone up or down". Does this mean you can change the value of an SV automatically if it meets certain criteria...
Yes … apply the initial Stored Value to two Stored Values say, TempSV and MaxSV. Then keep running your criteria to keep rechecking TempSV and if the value of TempSV is more than MaxSV then set the value of MaxSV=TempSV.
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Leeds1919 wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:49 pm
Hi Guys,

This might seem like a silly question but I thought I'd ask it anyway!

I've noticed people ask a question on the forum and sometimes the answer will be along the longs of 'Yes this is possible to do with either stored values or signals' so I'm just wondering if somebody can tell me the fundamental difference between the two. What can you do with one that you cant do with the other?

My understanding of both is very basic and as such I'd love to see more videos on the how to use them.
there are no silly questions , i struggled with a similar train of thought .Signals and SV seemed like a duplication , i asked, isnt everything stored and marked with a signal, like a price tag in a store? it then downed on me , its a storage facility where the items must communicate with each other and they do so with signals.

another way to look at it:
the rule files are like a fully automatic gun which is always ready to fire, you only need to give it a reason (TRIGGERS) and it will engage.
CONDITIONS are the reasons to engage.
SIGNALS are a traffic control system with a command centre that records when any engagement takes place. signals come in two forms:
1. for the current selection, meaning where you are ,right now
2. for the market ,meaning for all seletions .
both of this forms perform thier duties in same ways either
A. ON/OFF (set /clear) ,or
B. COUNTER ,counting UP(increament) and down (decrement)

the amazing part, is the ability of one signal to communicate with each other , and once the communication is done the affected signal will keep a record by counting up or down OR by going ON or OFF.
one signal can cause another signal to go on (SET) , depending on how its conditioned. You can also set a signal every time a rule is fired.,and then use this as a refrence point and a reason to allow another rule to fire.

imagine a FILM , its made of moving pictures(motion).
each picture is a frame and can be frozen using the# pause #button. thats the stored value.
i can come back to it whenever i want . and i can erase (CLEAR )it whenever it suits me and put another picture of my liking or even polish it with some filters.

hope that helps.
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