Display the Win% as Markers on IPT - In-Play Trader Settings

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This In-Play Trader settings file will display some Win% Markers on your In-Play trader screen.

NB; to use this settings profile you will need to be using the new Bet Angel v1.59 which can be downloaded from the following page which also contains full details of all new options and features which have been added

When this settings file is used your In-Play Trader screen will look like this;

2, Win% Markers.JPG

This settings file also has the following options enabled;

The X Axis will use the 'Win % Scale'
It will use the same sort as your one-click screen is currently set to
Odds labels are enabled
Traded Range is enabled

In-Play Trader Settings
To use these In-Play Trader setting’s, click the 'Win% Markers.ipf' file below to download it to your computer, then after opening your In-Play trader window click 'Settings > Create a Settings Profile'
Win% Markers.ipf
IPT Import.JPG

When the In-Play Profile Editor window opens click 'Profiles > Import a Profile'
IPT Import2.JPG
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