Is little Acorns genuine or a blag!?

Don't chase your losses, it doesn't work. You will eventually bust your bank.
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The Silk Run wrote:
Thu Aug 25, 2022 12:51 pm
It was an interesting topic, and debate. But, as often happens the snowflakes have to have their say ....
Bit late to the party but I wouldn't take it personal Minnie, it's really not worth risking your niche in every martingale thread that pops up just to try and prove a point. Not only would challenging opinions that people have spent decades fortifying be a vain attempt in the first place, but on the off chance that you emphatically somehow do manage to prove it, that would only negatively impact said niche. So I just see it as a lose/lose really.

If you've found a niche somewhere (among other things) and other people can't or don't want to understand it for whatever subjective reason, then more power to you, surely this should be a source of personal satisfaction and not frustration.

Regarding the recurring gold star PC badge of honor etc suggestions, you can't really fault human desire for status as we are all competitive in nature, although people sort of already attach all sorts of bronze, silver, gold, platinum etc stars to others, even if it's not the most accurate system, but would be hard to see the forum structure changing at this point. If it did change, for the sake of the argument, it still wouldn't really be an accurate representation of trading ability since perception can be altered or abused and there would still be a similar level of ambiguity around. Newer posters not knowing which generic and generalized advice to follow is part and parcel of trading, or should be at least.
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The Silk Run
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Nice pen Kai, I can relate to it.
I'm genuinely incommunicado at the moment so I have been unable to reply to some posts. But, perhaps that's a good thing ....
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ShaunWhite wrote:
Fri Aug 26, 2022 1:33 pm
Crazyskier wrote:
Fri Aug 26, 2022 10:51 am
. All of this talk of being ''doomed to failure'' when increasing stakes after loss are not always accurate, given the right preset boundaries and discipline. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted, but there seem to be a lot of shutting down of debate on the matter - and that's never a good thing in my book.
It's not just the risk of going bust that makes Martingale systems foolhardy, it's increasing stakes for no other purpose than recovering losses. Have you made a comparison between your profit on turnover and what it would have been to level stakes?
It's not just the risk of bankrupcy, imo it's the way it limits your gains.

In the interest of debate, What's your starting stake? What do you stand to gain from each cycle? And as Derek has said, what's the actual difference between your staking plan and level staking?

Are you able to sell the concept with some facts rather than expecting people to simply believe it?

I will say this: The strategy has proven modestly profitable over time to even stakes, on full auto. Though to get it to that state, the selection criteria mean that only a small fraction of races will ever qualify (today's 8/134 so far for example). I have found that when I'm available at my desk and able to manually increase the stake size after a loss, (to a given point) the gains are much faster and mean the target profit can be applied EVERY race on a stop-at-win basis, rather than expecting profits on any given weekly total. That worst-case scenario stop loss being hit means that the week's gains would typically be wiped out, however this happens sufficiently infrequently (2 times in any given 30 day period, thus far) to justify it's use -so gains are generally greater overall for the same number of races with my loss-recovery method than without it.

I hope this makes sense. To the point about 'selling' or 'being believed', I have long-since stopped enjoying any perceived kudos or credit from random strangers online, - especially if gained by by telling lies! I find the notion a little absurd and any one looking at my posting history will see larger losses than gains posted overall. I'm not selling anything other than let's debate loss recovery just as we do other related topics, and be less eager to shut it down as there is clearly NOT a general consensus on strictly managed loss recovery and it's ability (or at the very least, potential) to be incorporated as a long term strategy. I fully condone the health warnings about double-until-win Martingale-style systems, but supported Minnie Lai's post as it chimed with my experience also.

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If anyone is interested here is an update to the Little Acorns for GB and IRE from 15th Aug to 30th Sep. They have slightly different criteria hence not being grouped. The criteria is still the same from the last discussion. GB had a good day yesterday but was marginally ahead but now has a small buffer against a few bad days. The strike rate of Ire perhaps lets it down from being further forward.

LA GB.jpg

LA IRE.jpg
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