Soccer Saturday Super 6

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Predict six matches each Saturday.

You can create your own league on the site, so if there are a number of players here, I was wondering if you fancied creating a BA Forum league?

Just a bit of fun, as the season progresses

2020/21 Season EDIT

Enter pin code - K6M6NP - to join the Bet Angel super six league
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I've not heard of it before but would give it a go :) ,
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I`ve played it for a few seasons with work mates. I would be up for it.
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Up for it
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be careful lads, if your predictions are consistently rubbish, I may be "tempted" to fade you in the real markets :twisted:
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Ideally we'd want 10, to make it worthwhile

Any others, or have you all been banned by SkyBet? :lol:
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I'm in. Let me know your league details.
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I'll go for it
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i'll be in
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I'm in.

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