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>if selections "back price" is above 7.0, does this mean somebody has left an order, on the pink side, for 7.0+, or that somebody has laid at 7.0+ and its left on the blue side.

Someone has left an order on the pink side at 7+

>Im getting confused trying to write rules for a back servant - so I want it to place a back bet if the odds are between 3.0 and 7.0 - should I tell it to trigger at back or lay prices (fixed odds condition)?

You'd probably want to use
Back price greater than 3.0
Lay price less than 7.0

>And am I right in thinking, that a selection about to drift out, will have a high weight of money %age, because there is lots of money trying to lay it, as the backing money gets taken/cancelled?

Ignoring it may be spoof money yes thats the theory
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