Enough is enough - time to admit defeat.

The sport of kings.
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GL mcgoo, hope all goes well for you..and thanks for the trading advice..have found myself some of my best trading results came when I cared less ironically :D
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Best wishes in all your life and trading journeys :ugeek: . As my Aikido Master says and as I repeat to him daily- OSU! HAJIME!! :mrgreen:
Best wishes mcgoo. One of our team was diagnosed last year, but after treatment his prognosis has improved a lot.

I remember when I went through the same stage with regard to mindset. It was like great enlightenment, suddenly everything made sense. But you also realise that while you can see things with higher clarity most others can't. But that in itself is enlightening.
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GL McGoo and good post.

The right mindset is a biggy for sure.

Dicky Fox (no relation) once said. If you're "heart" is empty, the "head" doesn't matter. (Heart = passion for the game/sport/relationship)
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Hi McGoo.I wish you all the best and stay strong, I remember 2yrs ago been on here and just new to trading, you posted something and it made total sense to me the way you described it, So I added you as a friend so I could see all your posts, I have never met you but strangely feel like I have known you for ages, thank you for all your help over the years, and I have to say I have a tear in my eye reading your post,, best wishes and a speedy recovery, ollie
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I look forward to laughing with you about the silly number of beer crates you could buy with your latest P&L's when you're all better.
Keep up the positivity.
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We've all probably seen this pop. motivation image:

What's missing from this however is the guy who's in another cave filled with nothing but dirt, plugging away all the same.

Those still looking for success need to be proactive in listening to the feedback their results/journalling give them to make sure they're even in the right place.

How to know?
Firstly don't trust your feelings, knowing you may be blinded by your own biases making your own judgment null & void. The newer you are to trading the stronger the degree this is likely to apply. (If unsure or particularly stuck assume you're severely affected by this)

Listen to the physical, objective feedback given to you by your results.
Your equity curve doesn't lie, use it as a tool to guide you as you tweak your approach.

If you're on the right track you should stumble on the occasional diamond before you hit the main store, and that should become a more frequent occurrence the closer your get.

If there's a distinct lack of anything of value to what you're doing that should be pretty obvious too.

Consider how "looking for a new cave" may be a more effective way forward than changing the direction in which you're digging (e.g. endlessly tweaking a fruitless strategy).

Don't leave your success up to chance. Schedule a specific time in which you come back and re-assess your current position to where you used to be from a longer-term perspective (e.g. last day of month or every X markets for a strategy) and go from there.
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wishing Mcgoo all the luck in the world, I’ve had family affected with the same disease & I send the upmost best wishes
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My best wishes to you Mcgoo, I hope you kick it's ass and get to come back the new enlightened Mcgoo with plenty more messages of wisdom to boot.
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