Learning to trade tennis

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Hello everyone. First time poster, so please be gentle!

I was just wondering if there's any decent websites that would give me a ball-by-ball account of what I'm betting on? I was told that Interwetten did have this service on their site, but can't find it.

Thought it might help me have more of a chance to see a potential exit point rather than using TV that can have a slight delay.......

Cheers :)
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https://betting.betfair.com/betfair-ann ... 4-696.html

For a good example of this have a look at the current Monfils match
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probably sound really stupid here iam new to bet angel I was wondering how you pin the live video to your saved tennis screen? thanks
good comments above
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FERGIE87 wrote:probably sound really stupid here iam new to bet angel I was wondering how you pin the live video to your saved tennis screen? thanks
good comments above
I use a free program called deskpins
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So, whoever wants to learn something about trading tennis, should watch Monte Carlo now..

The raw feeds are 6 seconds behind the big money. Probably TV broadcast is 10-12 seconds behind at least..

Literally, the orders which come with the button press of the Umpire is printing money.. It is a shame on ATP and whoever involved in this because it`s not a fair game :evil: :twisted:
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I'd agree, 3virgul14, playing against the courtsiders is one hell of a hurdle to overcome with those delays. Obviously value comes and goes but when certain people have had 6 seconds to pick off any value and the only prices you can take are the dregs, you've got to be very good to consistently profit. Probably the main reason my bots outperform me is they watch the prices rather than the TV :)
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6 Seconds for Raw feeds? That sounds a lot?
You get the same with the snooker too
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Just a quick question..

why is there a 5 second delay before my bet is placed on a inplay tennis match? does this mean offset bet with trailing stop is pretty much useless in tennis matches. Seems like the odds can jump back over any trailing stop you have in place.

any help be great thanks
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LeTiss wrote:
Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:19 am
Firstly, go to your Doctors & get an ECG test - You don't want to be trading Tennis with a weak heart! :lol:

It's very volatile, so Stewart is right, trading from point to point hoping for some good scalps is a white knuckle ride.

You need to have a good understanding of the players involved, current form, type of surface, and then make a judgement based on what you're watching

Once you've mastered Tennis trading, it's a tremendous earner
I know this is an old thread. But as I've decided to try my hand at trading some tennis, it seems like you're the goto man.
I've watched tennis ever since I can remember, not followed it religiously, but enough to know who some of the current top players are etc.

Other than form and surface (and also players form on each surface) are there any other areas I should look at?
I've been looking mainly at Women's tennis, as there seems to be more opportunities to make a few ticks off break of serve, which has paid off well the past two days.
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Well , I may not be the authority . Even though the question is not directed to me, I will drop my 5 cents too on the matter.

One of the most important aspects is to be able to reach some information about how motivated the players are to go through in a tournament.. Is it a target match ? How many points to defend? Do they carry an injury or feel uncomfortable with personal problems?

If you are not possessing such information, I`m afraid its really depending on your luck and variance mostly..
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