Enable Streaming to Refresh Market Prices 10 times Faster

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If your using any version of Bet Angel professional above V1.46 you have the option to retrieve the latest market information like prices and money waiting etc, from Betfair either by ‘Polling’ or ‘Streaming’

The advantage of using ‘Streaming’ is that you can increase the speed Bet Angel can refresh and update market information from Betfair for you on both your main trading screen and for markets in guardian from a refresh rate of 200ms to as fast as 20ms (making streaming up to 10 times faster) this is especially useful for automation users who are cycling through many markets in guardian.

To enable streaming go into Settings > Edit Settings > Communications and tick the ‘Use Exchange Streaming’ box (with this box unticked you will revert to using the traditional ‘Polling’ method to retrieve market information).


Once enabled you will see the faster refresh rates become available

Streaming Refresh.JPG

For further details on streaming see this section of the user guide
https://www.betangel.com/user-guide/ret ... 3D&mw=MzIw
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