System requirements of Betangel with 30 excel tabs

Discussion regarding the spreadsheet functionality of Bet Angel.
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i would like to develop my PC. I run Betangel with 30-40 excel tabs (with streaming 20ms, all day refreshing), and it is 2x (in 2 windows user).
I use windows server. The PC is old, i5 3470S CPU with 6GB RAM, and its run on 100% (CPU and RAM) constantly.

Can you offer a CPU, that is enough for excel (with VBA for next statements) + betangel, and not the cheapest? I want to stay at DDR3, and I want to solve it as cheaply as possible (with used CPU that better than 3470s)

i7, or xeon? what is better for excel?

mod: if i replace in vba the for next statements for simple IF commands, will it be faster?

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Cobalt Ultra - Intel i9

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I tested it on a better PC. It runs around 50% (both CPU and RAM), with 30 excel tabs, daily Horse UK & IRE, restricted refresh before 60000 after 2000.

With streaming 20ms, in INPLAY the refresh rate is around 4-5 secs in Excel, it is very annoying. In Guardian is ok, but i need in Excel a good refresh rate. I think the PC is good with 50% use.

In Excel VBA i use statements, but if i use simple IF commands, the problem is the same.

If i pause the VBA, the refresh rate in excel is good!

What is the problem?

Code: Select all

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

Application.EnableEvents = False
Dim i As Integer
For i = 9 To 69 Step 2

IF Commands

Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub
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You should maybe start timing your code see where it's created a bottleneck as it's obviously waiting for the code to run before accepting the next refresh. Have you considered workheet change instedd of change? change triggers everytime a formula updates so no idea what's going on woth your sheet but it could be getting into loops maybe. Plus if the code doesn't need to run for certain sheets maybe you should tweak the code so it only runs when it's actually needed, for example 10 minutes before the off if nothing is needed pre that time and shut down when the markets closed etc
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